Ordering & Shipping
Do you ship internationally?

We can ship a gourd anywhere providing we meet your customs entry requirements. To ship a gourd to NZ,  Western Australia or Tasmania we will have to cut the top or bottom off the gourd and clean them thoroughly. We can send Gourd seed to all eastern states but not WA or Tasmania or NZ due to state quarantine laws.

What forms of payment do you accept?

At the moment we do not have E-commerce on the web site.

To make a purchase message us, (under the <About> tab), with the products you would like and your address  and we will send you a quote and our bank details to make a direct deposit or if you prefer PayPal we can Email you an invoice which can be paid by credit card etc. When we see the funds in our account we will post the items via Australia Post.


How are shipping charges calculated?

Freight charges depend mainly on the size of the items not the weight as gourds don't weigh a lot. If you are purchasing a lot of gourds we may be able to source a good deal for you through a courier otherwise we ship through Australia Post and cost depends on what sized post pack they will fit into.

Are all your seeds always in stock?

Seed stock depends on demand and the time of year you are ordering, we usually carry a healthy supply of most varieties.


Are your seeds chemically treated?

No our seeds are not treated and are grown without the use of any chemicals.


What can I do if my seeds do not grow?

Samples of all seeds are checked for viability before we sell them, let us know if you are having problems  and we will germinate a sample again. If there is a problem our end we will send you new seed. We cant accept any responsibility for seed which is viable before it was freighted.


How long will a gourd last?

A gourd or gourd art piece will last indefinitely if kept inside. Gourd Birds  look great in the garden but they will not last if they are exposed to long wet periods and may fade over time in the sun. We find most chickens last about a year or so in the garden and many years if under cover outside like in a pot plant on a veranda.