Gourds have amazing acoustic qualities and have been used to make instruments all over the world including Hula drums in Hawaii, Sitar from India to Kora's from Africa just to name a few! The sound that is made from a gourd instrument is always something special and very unique and cannot be replicated by wood or plastic. We make modern takes on some traditional instruments and love trying new ideas like the Gourd Box guitar and speaker boxes. If you would like an instrument made please contact us for a price.

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West African Kamale N'Goni

The Kamale N'goni, (Young Mans Harp) is a West African instrument similar to the African Kora but with fewer strings, (usually 8 to 12). The sound is mesmerising, resembling a harp and they are very easy to play.

All of our N'goni's are made from a strong gourd, raw hide goat skin and local hardwood timber.

We often have N'goni's in stock or we can custom make Kamale N'Goni's to order, they have between 8 and 12 strings, Prices start at $385 for a 200mm gourd 8 string. Message us if you would like one made.

Goni, Ngoni, kamale, N'goni, aus, australia

Gourd Guitars

3 Strings, 6 Strings, Ukulele's, Self amplified Guitars all made Gourds, and various other bits and pieces. They sound every bit as good as they look. Boasting some rather good natural electric/acoustic sound without an Amp but also using piezo pickup and/or magnetic pickup so they can be plugged into any guitar amplifier. i can even put the amplifier in the guitar! We can custom make you a Gourd Guitar with 3, 4 or 6 strings starting from $400, every Gourd guitar will be unique depending on the gourd and what we use to build it.

Check our Etsy shop or message us if you would like one made.

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Gourdtar, cigar box, guitar
Gourdtar,Ukulele, guitar
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Gourd Banjo

Made from a 300mm gourd, goat skin raw hide and Tazy oat this is our take on an American 1800s gourd banjo. This is the modern version of the gourd banjo that originated from African instruments such as the N'goni. Sporting steel banjo strings this 5 string Banjo has an amazing tone and is a joy to play.

We can custom make you a Gourd Banjo from $550.

Message us if you would like one made.

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Gourd Drums

Hand made Gourd Drums, made from Australian goat hide. These drums have a similar construction to a Djembe drum but the sound is unique to the gourd used. Great looking unique drums that have a sound all of there own.

Prices start from just $75.

Keep an eye out for our gourd drum kits so you can make your own, available soon!

Gourd speakers and Guitar Amps

Crazy but true!, we have utilized the beautiful acoustic qualities of the gourd to mount some state of the art electronics that you can plug your Ipod, phone or Computer into.

These are unique great looking players that are sure to be a talking point, powered by a USB port they sound every bit as good as they look.

Gourd guitar amps feature a guitar amp harness specifically made for Cigar box guitars imported from the USA and includes overdrive option.

These are special builds, speaker docks start from

$75.00, click the Etsy tab to see whats in our shop or

message us as we are making new stock all the time. 

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