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2015 Crop is on the way.

Now is the time to plant your gourd seed if you haven't already.

Here at Mothar Mountain we have our 2015 crop well on it's way and will continue planting until late January. Spreading plantings over a long period helps hedge against unexpected disasters like hail storms and floods.

Our first Gourds planted at the end of August are flowering and have just set there first fruit.

This year we are growing a much wider range of gourd varieties including, Lufa's, Kettles, African Giants and Canteens to name a few and we will be hand pollinating our varieties to get more consistent lines of seed.

Gourds flower at night, you will see the flowers opening just on dusk and they will remain open till mid morning the next day.

Flowers are naturally pollinated by night flying bugs and moths, when hand pollinating we cover the female flower with a gause bag to prevent cross pollination by insects with any other varieties.

Enjoy your gourds !

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