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2015 Crop Report

The new year is upon us, best wishes to all and we hope your gourds bought you some Christmas joy. This is our first year growing Luffa's and our old barb wire fence has been transformed into a mass of dark green foliage with bright yellow morning blooms and funky green sausages (luffas) hanging amongst it all. . Yes we have cows in the paddock but they wont touch the gourds!

After some extreme weather in spring, (we topped our November record temp peeking out at 42.2 deg C), things have settled into a more favourable wet season weather pattern and our harvest is well under way.

The results are wide and varied with a few pleasant surprises as usual.

Among our new varieties this year are the Canteen gourd, African Wine Kettle, African Giant Wine Kettle, Japanese Bottle, Luffa, Ghana Bean and Saki Bottle to name a few.

As Gourds dry fungus and mould grows on the skin as it decays and the moisture inside is released, it gets ugly, real ugly!

There is always a small percentage of casualties during drying that have to be discarded, but once dry the gourds becomes hard and light and when kept dry will last indefinitely.

The sold out sign has been up for a while now on most of our gourds and we hope to have most smaller varieties ready for sale by the end of Feburary.

Thanks for your patients.

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