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New Season Dried Gourds are NOW Available

Our drying racks are nearly at capacity and gourds are drying off on a daily basis. We are updating the web pages as different varieties are ready for sale.

Among our new varieties are the luffa (loofa) sponges, we harvest them green and sun dry them so no bleaching or chemicals are involved just 100% natural Luffa sponge!

Part of our crop this year are GIANTS! Some weigh over 20kg when picked! Just how big are some of these 'Giant Gourds'? Here is our smallest gourd next to our biggest! (matchbox for reference purposes).

Many of these gourds may take up to 12 months to dry out but if you want to make musical instruments including drums and guitars it can be worth the wait. We will post on the blog when these gourds become available.

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