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2016 Crop Report

This season has been challenging, starting with an unusually wet and humid spring causing an outbreak of fruit fly and bacterial spot followed by a hot dry summer resulting in losses from sunburn and heat stress.

Never the less the lack of numbers is made up for by the excellent quality of the gourds harvested.

This year we have targeted large thick instrument quality gourds and have some very nice examples on the drying racks now. The Giant gourds didn't get as large as we would have liked but there are plenty around the 260mm dia size that are great for making Banjos, N'gonis, Drums and Gourd guitars etc.

An old truck crate was used as a 'gourd house' to grow some nice straight hanging gourds. You can see the speed at which gourds can grow once they get going in this video, taken one picture per day...

Our Long verse Large Hybrid experimental cross yielded a very long, (just over a meter), large thick gourd, Cant wait for it to dry out so we can create something awesome from it.

New additions to our varieties this year include... Long Handled Dipper, Crown of Thorns and Bushel Basket.

Keep an eye on our web site for when these gourds are dry and available for sale, probably around late march.

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