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Time to Plant your Gourds!!

Spring is here again and in Qld gourd planting time has arrived, southern states may need to wait a little longer to get that soil temperate high enough for good germination, (usually 12 to 14 deg C). I find when night temps are in the teens it is OK to plant. If you are unsure if it is warm enough, plant a couple of seed and see if they come up before planting more.

Check out our Germination and Growing tips under the Tutorials Tab for a few hints on getting your gourds up and running.

Gourd seeds come in a large range of sizes and shapes from 3 mm to 25 mm long. Small seeds don't always mean you'll get a small gourd but in general bigger varieties have bigger seeds.

If you want straight gourds make sure your vine can climb so your gourds will hang and gravity will pull them straight, if grown on the ground they will tend to curl the neck which is great for making gourd chickens!

Also fun to try is growing your gourd in a mold or a brace, we grow some between wood so they are flat and if you are growing long handled dippers try tying a knot in one just after its been pollinated.

Gourds flower at night, when your gourds are flowering and there is a good moon go and have a look as the flowers have a florescence that makes them stand out at night for the bugs to pollinate.

Have a great season and enjoy your gourd growing experience!

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