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2017 Crop Report

Its been a hard summer for growing anything here on the sunshine coast hinterland.

Weather records were broken in consecutive months this Summer including the hottest and driest summer on record, (Feb averaged 5 Deg c above the long term average! and we recorded rainfall 30mm below the lowest rainfall ever recorded!)

What did this mean for our gourd crop? Well to grow quantities of great gourds you need great weather for some part of the summer at least. Prolonged extreme weather conditions result in sunburn, powdery mildew attacks, stressed plants, thin shelled gourds and low production.

Don't panic!, we did still harvest a small crop of gourds and a small number of quality carvers but certain varieties like Cannonball were nearly a total fail.. Thankfully we do still have a stockpile of crafting gourds in the shed from previous years and should be able to fill most orders.

Some of the giant varieties produced some nice gourds but smaller than previous years, providing they dry out OK there should be some nice instrument quality gourds among them.

We did get some nice seed gourds pollinated and should have plenty of quality seed available for next year which we hope will be more favourable..... Fingers crossed!

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