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Hi all, sadly we have sold our farm and are moving on….. to NZ.

Our web page Motharmountaingourds.com will not be taking any more orders at present.

But don’t panic, GOOD NEWS!, Mothar Mountain Gourds will live on as new owners Julia and Jim are taking over the business and will have it back up and running in a couple of weeks, they are just down the road at Woombye, QLD.

We have grown a few gourds over the years, more than 5000 gourds!

Tiny gourds the size of your thumb to giant gourds weighing 43kg, (this one became our letter box), long gourds, fat gourds, thick gourds, flat gourds, twisted gourds and all manner of crazy shapes that only nature could forge.

From this bounty we have made useful, practical things like Spoons, Bowls, Mailboxes, Hats, Clocks, Lamps, Torches, Jewellery boxes, Hearing aids and Spinning tops, just to name a few.

I have had much pleasure exploiting the gourds amazing acoustic qualities by constructing all manner of noisy things, replicating some instruments that already exist and inventing a few that didn’t. Drums, speakers, guitars, guitar amps, N’goni’s, Ukulele’s, Banjos, Rattles and Shekeres.

Maxi has reveled in using the amazing array of shapes to create some of the craziest cool animals on earth including Chook's, Cowboy chickens, Dragons, Fish, Owls and Fairies, Chickens being her forte.

But most rewarding and satisfying for us has always been making those things that have no practical use other than to provide joy and happiness to others. To be at the markets and see a child’s face light up when they open the gourd fairy house door to see what inside or the lady’s giggles as they gather around the gourd chook stand reading the name tags, or to have someone treasure a carved necklace or handmade art piece that we created with our hands, there is no better feeling.

We have sold gourds to Movie sets, Theme parks, Musicians, Artists, Clubs, Schools, Medieval LARP’ers, Museums, Model shoots, Lamp makers, Dance studios, Sex therapists and so many other places we could have never imagined when we started out.

And we have posted 1000’s of packets of seed, spreading gourds all over Australia and advised countless avid gourd growers on how to get the best out of there crop.

A big thanks to all who have supported us and shared our journey of personal development and creativity that has been Mothar Mountain Gourds Australia……

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